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Session begins October 12, 2015

WHERE: We are located within the YM/YWHA: 5400 Westbury Avenue • Montreal, QC • H3W 2W8

AND 2nd location, within OLYMPIA PERFORMANCE: 16869 Hymus Blvd • Kirkland • QC • H9H 3L4


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Q &A:

Ok, I like riding a bike to stay fit but what exactly is Computraining?
Computraining classes are coached cycling workouts performed on computerized indoor trainers. Computrainers simulate riding on a huge variety of courses–hilly, flat and downhill (!)– while visually representing the terrain on television monitors. The many other features embedded in the Computraining software allow coaches to accurately measure your fitness gains while improving your riding skills as you power through an enriched, fun, training experience.


Susan and Michelle riding “Camillien Houde” Look at those peak watts!

Are computraining classes mainly for racers?
No! Our clients include racers, recreational riders and those who want to supplement their weekly spin classes. We’ve got people of ALL ages and abilities working out side-by-side at Toguri Training!!

Toguri Training offers a personalized training experience by keeping the class size to a max of (8) riders!
Our coaches know when to get into your ear, and when to give you space. Our small group format allows us to tailor workouts for individual class members who are coming back from illness, holidays, etc. We are committed to offering quality coaching to every client–every day.

What about make-up classes if I get sick or go on holidays?
No problem, with our new online booking system you can manage your own schedule!
Check it out here: Mind Body Online Scheduling System