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    Winter 2015 registration is now open!

    The Fall 2014 Session was our most successful ever, with most clients achieving personal bests for peak power and both 3 and 20 min power. The consistent success of our training program and attentive coaching has produced continual growth, so now we […]

    • UCI+Women+Cycling+Tour+Wellington+XYY__GLrhWWl

      Women, Cycling and the Bike Industry’s Goals

      How should the bike industry make efforts to work more closely with women? Click here for a short, interesting article.  

      • Alison Sydor, Silver Medal, 1996 Olympics

        The Task of Cycling

        Alison Sydor is an incredible athlete. Her recent induction to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame is no surprise and well-deserved. She is rightfully recognized as one of the best mountain bikers of all time, but I want to talk briefly about […]

        • Rider Profile: Elaine Malus

          Elaine, the Giant, and the Seaway…   Elaine joined TTS computraining classes in January of 2011. After many years of spinning, she’d decided to take her fitness to another level, not that she was a neophyte to training. She’s trained regularly with […]

          • Congratulations Hélène!

            I’ve coached Hélène Gagnon for a couple of years now. Last year she had THE fastest learning curve I’ve ever seen for someone just getting into cycling. This year she is steadily getting not only stronger, but also more saavy on a […]

            • Old Skool Power workout in the Cemetery

              Anouk Ter Braak, Eileen Bridges and Heidi Berger doing hill accelerations in the cemetery on Friday morning…after a TT up Camillien Houde!! Daniella Schwartz got a flat tire just before I tried out my new app, but then again she had already […]

              • It’s Time to Meet Katie

                Katie, the beautiful daughter of that force of nature known as Debra Brown, is into diving and tumbling. Basically, she’s a lot like her mother: she likes falling down but unlike her mother, she prefers not to land on her head! Now, […]

                • A Sore Point!

                  Submitted by TTS Coach, Michelle Paiement My first blog entry is inspired by the struggle I had finding helpful solutions and information on “delicate” women-specific problems related to cycling! So this post is dedicated to women who might be “saddled” with those […]