• Mitch, Billy, Jeff and Richard battle through some one-legged squats

    6:15am on Mondays and Wednesdays: POW!

    I’m very lucky in that I really love my job. On Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15am, however, I have the privilege of coaching a group of cyclists that have repeatedly helped me better understand exactly why I enjoy coaching so much. They have […]

    • It’s Time to Meet Katie

      Katie, the beautiful daughter of that force of nature known as Debra Brown, is into diving and tumbling. Basically, she’s a lot like her mother: she likes falling down but unlike her mother, she prefers not to land on her head! Now, […]

      • Rider Profile: Max Joly Smith

        2010 Noteworthy Results 1st  Robert Brisson Series, June 17 1st  Robert Brisson Series,  July 8 2nd GP Pont Rouge 3rd Tour de la Gaspésie TT 3rd Provincial TTT 5th GP Brossard 7th Connecticut Stage Race, Stage 3 (14th Overall) 7th Quebec Provincial […]