• For years, TTS coaches have led spin instruction courses and packed spin classes. Here's a photo of the great Gabrielle taken by JF Houpert in 2008 during a strength-spin session at the Snowdon YMYWHA.

    Computraining vs Spinning

    TTS coach, Michelle Paiement, will be leading an advanced skills workshop for spin instructors at the Westmount YMCA. It is full, with a waitlist!! The growing demand for both Michelle’s coaching and the desire amongst spin instructors to take their classes to another […]

    • Rider Profile: Elaine Malus

      Elaine, the Giant, and the Seaway…   Elaine joined TTS computraining classes in January of 2011. After many years of spinning, she’d decided to take her fitness to another level, not that she was a neophyte to training. She’s trained regularly with […]

      • Sad day on the Seaway

        Sometimes beginnings slip into the room of your “world” with the ease of morning light at the base of a blind. You simply adjust your eyes and start mapping the familiar things that orient your waking from the place of your latest […]