Hey, this blog is about Marc Yedid and Richie Rosenbloom. If you know either of these men of purple prose upstanding hairy-legged citizens, please make sure they climb out of their “my space” and read this!

As a coach, I hear a lot of tales about the rides people did on the weekend. Most are really good stories. I can visualize what went on and get a sense of the fatigue everyone felt as they headed into the bakery for a post-ride coffee.

Sometimes, however, the reports are dull and need a little caffeine pumped into their diction. I’m not saying you should lie, but you gotta somehow convey the passion!! The world if full of twisted adjectives and adverbs, just waiting to be braided into your gnarly tales of the big ring. Especially masters racers. Get into the game!! I don’t want to hear you say in a wooden voice: “Yeah. We rode 3h tempo. It was good.” BORING! If you need to exaggerate… go for it!! Especially if you’re talking about races you did years ago. “I remember the time I was in a 80km break with Arnie and he did not have any water.” Nooooo. I’m soooo bored!! “Arnie and I were just wrapping the 53 x 12 for 80 km trying to hold of the peloton, but it was 45 degrees and I was seeing those little black spots you see before you pass out… then I realized he hadn’t had a sip of water for an hour so I yelled at him to drink. He tried to answer but his tongue stuck to his cheek so he jumped off his bike and broke a piece off an aloe plant to unstick his bloated tongue…. Did you know aloe is a great moisturizer?” Much better!! Ok, I exaggerated the role of exaggeration but you get the picture.

Marc Yedid and Richie Rosenbloom are extremely strong cyclists and they combine to tell a pretty good tale. Richie is more straightforward, but he gives the story its baseline. Often he just hints at the awesomeness of riding his mountain bike in Stowe with friends. You can tell he had a blast. So he sets the story up and then Marc takes over…

Here is the video equivalent of how Marc Yedid described last weekend’s mountain bike ride:

Here is a photograph of what actually happened:


To all the gentle exaggerators of the world I say “Merci!” Speak of your fiery passion with flares! The tale of the big ring is part of cycling’s lore, it’s history and the very fabric of its culture!! Ok ok you know what I mean.

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Scott Toguri McFarlane is a former Elite racer, and the founder of Toguri Training Services. For more than a decade, his approach to training has helped aspiring professional racers, provincial team members, and recreational cyclists of all ages and ability achieve their goals, including gold medals at National and Provincial Championships.

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