In the beginning, there was an expansive universe with a moon, stars and astronomical fuzz in the sky. There was also a watery, self-involved planet called earth. The nearby moon wanted to hear what was happening on the selfish earth, but no one bothered to report. Then one day, an Adam was born, crying and wailing, and wanting to make his splash on the liquid planet. For Jennifer and Michael Wolfe, he was the son: a cub born of Wolfes.

The birth of the cub named Adam marked a change in the order of things: Jen and Mike were no longer simply a groovy, pre-internet, post-hippy couple. Adam’s arrival announced the birth of… The Wolfe Pack.


The moon was now happy and informed, for it is the wolves that holler to the beyond of the planet, communicating with the other-worldly through their howling reports. So what supernatural transmission did the wolves send to this planet’s eager satellite: Luna, the receiver of lovely lunacy?

The tail they wagged depicted the cub in his early teenage years, at a time when he began to develop a passion for cycling. You think it improbable that canines ride bikes?

dog on bike

And so, the moon was told, the youthful Wolfe began to cycle in earnest. Gradually, his pa took him under his wing paw, and they began training together. (Please cue the Disney soundtrack of Wolves riding bikes through forests).

As their cub began racing in the spring, both Mama and Papa Wolfe could be seen pacing back-and-forth on the sidelines, nervously watching their teen-cub wander a bit further from the den.

At the same time the furry-faced coach, Robert Ralph, became a key player in the development of the cycling cub. He first taught the cub bike skills through games and various riding scenarios. He also instilled a love of the sport–even though he once made Adam puke after hammering up Camillien Houde! In effect, Robert provided a structure for the cub’s playful progress.

A key strength of furry-faced Robert is that he always takes that extra step to help make a context better. This attention to unfolding dynamics makes him an excellent coach who develops through his own ability to adapt to the demands of a wide variety of situations. For example, he races for Team Medique and ensured that Adam was part of the team. Here’s part of an email Robert received from Papa Wolfe after Adam’s first race of the year: “Yesterday was a great day all around.  Big props to the team medique riders and to you as Adam’s coach. Starting with the facebook post and the comments from team members and supporters, to preparing him and being there for his first start.  Adam thoroughly enjoyed the day and being part of the team, which is just as important as getting the first race under his belt. All he can talk about now is riding and racing.”

Robert and the Wolfes are now helping Adam build his engine, while developing more skills and anaerobic capacity through cyclocross. Adam deserves this support because he gives back through an inspiring level of work and passion. I can personally attest that he inspires those around him.

Check out these photos of Adam training with his dad and racing with friends.

All the coaches at Toguri Training believe, along with Cycling Canada’s Long Term Development Plan for cyclists, that high-level performance most often emerges through skill development and sporting acumen derived from game-play. The FQSC does a FANTASTIC job, with limited resources, of providing opportunities for kids to play and learn skills on their bikes–their mountain bikes, road bikes, bmx bikes, track bikes and cross bikes. You should see the school program being developed by Nicolas Legault at the Centre National de Cyclisme in Bromont!

My point here is that Adam’s network of athletes and coaches with whom to interact keeps developing! This community gained its first impulse from the driven passion of the aptly-named Adam, but the mobilization of these networks is the responsibility of a coaching service. It’s a job we love to do.

It makes sense that as Adam’s network develops, so does his skill level. And his engine. Today, Adam Wolfe of Team Medique came 3rd in his cyclocross race. We are all proud of you Adam, and happy to be part of YOUR team!! Who knows what the future holds, but Adam is not afraid of doing the work and getting muddy in the process.

It’s about the howling spirit of the wolf pack, the den and digging in for whatever comes next.

It's freezing! I wonder if my medal will stick to the rapidly freezing mud on my chest?

Adam waits for his medal, while looking fwd to the future

A final victory salute: http://youtu.be/L28CnhmeAD4

About Scott Toguri McFarlane

Scott Toguri McFarlane is a former Elite racer, and the founder of Toguri Training Services. For more than a decade, his approach to training has helped aspiring professional racers, provincial team members, and recreational cyclists of all ages and ability achieve their goals, including gold medals at National and Provincial Championships.

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  1. Harvey Wolfe says:

    Adam, I am very proud of your accomplishment. Thank you Scott for your training services and your thought training of my grandson.

  2. Congrats on the podium Adam! Keep up the good work.

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