• p-Wolves_Bay_Street_Cal2001

    The Wolfe Pack

    In the beginning, there was an expansive universe with a moon, stars and astronomical fuzz in the sky. There was also a watery, self-involved planet called earth. The nearby moon wanted to hear what was happening on the selfish earth, but no […]

    • Hector Picard, Triathlete

      Changing a flat tire without hands

      Jean-Michel Lachance posted this on FB… Thanks JML!  

      • Alison Sydor, Silver Medal, 1996 Olympics

        The Task of Cycling

        Alison Sydor is an incredible athlete. Her recent induction to the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame is no surprise and well-deserved. She is rightfully recognized as one of the best mountain bikers of all time, but I want to talk briefly about […]

        • Ai Weiwei, Forever Bikes (2011).

          Pic of the Day

          A rendition of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s spectacular “Forever Bikes” is on display in Toronto. Rob Jones has great pics of the sculpture on the Canadian Cyclist page. Check them out by clicking here    

          • The Gummi Bear

            RIP Hans Riegel

              If you know cycling, you know this is a cycling story: Haribo boss Hans Riegel passed away at age 90. Haribo made gummi bears famous. Cyclists love candy. This photo is composed of three empty chairs that were previously occupied by […]

            • Broad shot of room

              TTS Renovates!

              The Fall 2013 indoor season is under way in our newly renovated digs! We’ve added a couple bikes and moved into a larger, more self-contained space. We’ll be adding features after spending more time in it, but hopefully these photos will give […]