Global knife: a kitchen wand that will cast a spell on you!

Here’s a photo of our dog:


The lighting is bad but you can see he is hopeful and he has a duck. Anyway, his name is Ichiban, which probably reminds you of cheap noodles or beer. But “Ichiban” means “number one!” Not just “number one”, but “ichi” (one) said with the equivalent of an enthusiastic, fist-pumping “BAM!” So… “IchiBAN!” Go ahead and practice: “IchiBAN!” Good job!

Why I’m telling you about Ichiban will become apparent when you watch the video below if you’re attentive. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a knife:

Global knife: a kitchen wand that will cast a spell on you!

Global knife: a kitchen wand that will cast a spell on you!

If you’re interested in eating better, why not get into cooking better as well?! To start, get a Global knife and a stone. These motivational tools will make you want to cut turnip and squash and sweet potato and gobo root and carrots and pumpkin and dark leafy greens and daikon and beets and lamb shanks and rutabaga and fennel and broccoli and cauliflower and choys and … BAM! You’re on your way!

My friend and bike-racing-octopus-cooker, Scott Loong, shared this vid with me. It shows you how to sharpen a knife. The vid is made by Global knives. Celeb chef, Anthony Bourdain, following Loong, also champions Global knives.¬†They are relatively inexpensive and can put a toothy smile on a pumpkin faster than you can say two different German brands of knives. More importantly, they stay sharp for an incredibly long time. When you need to sharpen it, use a stone as the vid suggests. I’ve used a Global knife and stone for years and the combo is simply… “numberONE!”

Therefore step numberONE to eating more veggies is to get an edge on your knife skills. Take it away, Mino Tsuchida:



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