• Glory and clarity

    Clara Hughes, Clarity, and “Mental Toughness”

    Have you ever wondered about how a coach might assess mental toughness? Toguri Training manages and coaches a developmental Cat 1 Men’s racing team. 2012 will be the second year of this project. A more formal announcement of the team and its […]

    • "I can't stop sneezing while watching Mad Men!?!"

      Training with a Cold or Flu

      This week I’ve noticed a few people sneezing or coughing during workouts at Toguri Training. While it’s been reported that many people sneeze when thinking about having sex or an orgasm, I suspect one or two of you also have a cold. […]

      • For years, TTS coaches have led spin instruction courses and packed spin classes. Here's a photo of the great Gabrielle taken by JF Houpert in 2008 during a strength-spin session at the Snowdon YMYWHA.

        Computraining vs Spinning

        TTS coach, Michelle Paiement, will be leading an advanced skills workshop for spin instructors at the Westmount YMCA. It is full, with a waitlist!! The growing demand for both Michelle’s coaching and the desire amongst spin instructors to take their classes to another […]

        • 4302782613_2d6e47db63

          Cycling and Poetry

          Copenhagen has an ongoing love affair with bikes. It was only so long before poetry became the language of the whirling passion betwixt the two! Hence the luminous art installation above, with bicycle frames and a poem on each side. Not sure […]