Heidi Berger and Eileen Bridges know how to train properly!!

Yes, Heidi Berger and Eileen Bridges are PHENOMENAL cyclists but honestly, all they talk about while training is their last trip to Boulangerie St-Donat! They go on and on about it, punctuating mouth-watering descriptions of baked goods with gasps–as if the mere memory of a cinnamon bun transports them back to the breath-taking sights, smells and temptations of the bakery! Then they look over at me with pity, sighing and shaking their helmeted heads because I’ve never been to THE place cyclists-in-the-know snack in the Laurentians.

I’ve learned a lot from Heidi and Eileen about a huge range of subjects. I also admire their ability to raise children while managing successful careers–Heidi is a filmmaker/producer and Eileen is a doctor. But when it comes to cycling, they have a singular FOCUS. This focus is the main reason I always look forward to riding with Heidi and Eileen. To clarify…The photo above was taken after hammering along gorgeous hilly terrain for 60km and yet here’s how they described the scenery: “Most of what you see was eaten in the car ride home: hot chocolate bread, cinnamon brioche, carrot cake and of course healthy oatmeal cookies to top it off.” Beautiful.

About Scott Toguri McFarlane

Scott Toguri McFarlane is a former Elite racer, and the founder of Toguri Training Services. For more than a decade, his approach to training has helped aspiring professional racers, provincial team members, and recreational cyclists of all ages and ability achieve their goals, including gold medals at National and Provincial Championships.

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