Vélo Québec‘s Tour La Nuit highlights the presence of cyclists on the streets of Montreal in general, but especially at night. This year the event took place on Friday night (!) as over 15,000 cyclists wore glowing lights and funny headgear along a winding route from Parc Lafontaine to the downtown core, then west along the Lachine Canal before turning back to the Plateau via the Wellington Bridge. The event forces momentary road closures in an effort to give the city over to cyclists–if only for a brief spell before cars again dominate the roads. The spirit of the event is to draw attention to the beauty of the city when seen by bike. The event is about the ongoing development of cycling culture along the edges of the city’s grids. This event grows substantially in size every year, as do bike sales, the usage of bike paths and bike organizations in general. Wow.

Here’s a short, crappy iphone vid of the ride as it puttered through Old Montreal. It fails miserably to capture the celebratory feeling of the event but it’s a document nonetheless…and you can watch it on your own iphone!


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