Time to jump in the air and land on the…

We go up.... ©2010 JF Houpert

and we go down... ©2010 JF Houpert

Now JF took these photos of the Westmount stairs at night because he’s a classy photographer, but this year we’re doing a series of progressively complex and demanding workouts during the day on Sundays.

I believe that running stairs is one of the best bang-for-your-time off-the-bike workouts you can do during the off-season. They help develop strength, power, contralateral awareness promoting fluidity under stress (great for sprinting if you can get it right), so-called lactate tolerance but best of all… they are outdoors!! There are, of course, dangers when running stairs. TTS makes sure everyone has completed a period of strength training beforehand, to ensure that they are firing their glutes/hamstrings well to better promote fluid chains of contractions as they stride or hop of the stairs. Easier said than done. Sometimes it gets pretty ugly when clients are asked to hop up a flight… you know who you are! But overall, coached, periodized workouts on the stairs can offer a lot of variety–well beyond simply up/down–plus the added psychological relief of being outside the gym/basement/cave. So it’s time to go crazy on the stairs!

"These 8h computraining workouts in my damp basement are really transforming my body!" ©2010 pdxcross.com

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Scott Toguri McFarlane is a former Elite racer, and the founder of Toguri Training Services. For more than a decade, his approach to training has helped aspiring professional racers, provincial team members, and recreational cyclists of all ages and ability achieve their goals, including gold medals at National and Provincial Championships.

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