I’ve added photos and captions to the Pont Rouge race results. Thanks for all the great photos Antoine Bécotte! We’re just missing a photo of Judith Hayes on the top step, but she went off to help Debbie right after the race so I’m not sure if there’s a podium shot to be had, just a bucket full of good karma.

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson." --The Dalai Lama

Patrick Russell at the Robert Brisson series in Mercier…

Robert Brisson chubby podium, 10 June 2010: 1. Czeslaw Lucaszewicz (VéloSelect/Prudh'Homme); 2. William Goodfellow (Bikereg.com); 3. Maxime Vives (Powerwatts/Moishes); 4. Hugues Lapointe (Nativo); 5. Patrick Russell (Synergy). ©2010 Martin Brisson

The Robert Brisson series continues tonight. Patrick Russell has regained the Orange Jersey (most points, Masters) and I believe he’s tied for, or is leading, the Green Jersey sprinters competition.

William Blackburn at the Tour de Beauce…

William (red shorts) with the rest of the Quebec Provincial team getting ready to go to work. ©2010 Jerome Lessard/www.jeromelessardphoto.com

William Blackburn is battling at the Tour de Beauce. His goal is to finish with more fitness than he started–not as easy as it sounds. Stage 1: He was dropped with 7km to go on one of the final punches. Stage 2: He got 2 flats in the final 30 km, which meant 30km of time trialing at the end of the stage. He wasn’t frustrated, as he’s not concerned with GC, but overall fatigue is always a concern at the Beauce. He says the Quebec Team is realistic, upbeat, and that teammates are popping in the attacks and breaks.

Today is the Queen Stage up Megantic. William can climb, so his instructions are to take care of positioning positioning positioning, but to also follow his instincts and look for a large, early break if his legs aren’t exhausted from yesterday. Somtimes being more active in a race will keep you in the game more than hiding, so we planned for this stage to be the one in which he shows his nose off the front if the right scenario unfolds. Stay tuned for updates!!

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