Here’s an early report from the race: Max Joly Smith (Rocky Mtn) attacked with about 2km to go and crossed the line solo for his first win!!! Atta boy Max!!

Robert Ralph (Rio Tinto/Martin Swiss) switched from the Cat 3 peloton to the Cat 1/Master A peloton and came 6th!! Apparently they originally awarded him 5th until Czeslaw pointed out he was left out of the money and had come 3rd. This took the torn envelope from Robert’s clenched hands and gave it to someone else! That’s cruel but at least Robert did well and has something to build on.

Finally, Robert says that he was in a break with a lap and a half to go and Jean-François Houpert (Synergy) chased him down!!! Good work JF!! The youngster has to learn to live with the fact that the old boys are chasing him like zombies and ripping envelopes from his hands. All you have to do is check out Max. He’s got that envelope squirreled away before I can make a move to shake his hand!! That’s a Cat 1 sprint and stash!

More later once the details come in.

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