Yes, the Défi Gaston Langlois was canceled at the last minute, but Toguri Training picked-up some of the slack and stage a non-sanctioned…Toguri Training Toonie Time Trial (TTTT) on the Seaway!

Michelle Paiement and I invited clients and a few other interested parties down to the Seaway to test their metal on the world famous Beaconsfield Cycling Club 15km TT course. I’m posting these results as fast as possible because I don’t want Steve Hoather to have a nervous breakdown–even though everyone was already told how they did. Steve is a numbers guy, and he needs to see all the numbers in front of him before he calms…nah, he never calms down (!). But alot of  TT specialists are like that. They live inside of spreadsheets and micro details. Others are like Michel Brazeau. Once they finely dial in their position, they don’t use a computer or HR monitor or hidden engine. They just duck and go!

Thanks to Michelle for her flawless Swiss Precision Timing, which only Brandon Sant questioned. He thought he was 3 seconds slower. I agreed but Michelle stuck to her guns. Thanks also to Robert Ralph for hanging out with an orange cone and waving a yellow umbrella so that only one of you (ahem) got confused at the turn-around. And a special thanks to Gene Piccoli, who should wear a cape when he does his action photography. I think he lunged, dove into position and paced around for a total of 15 km today–and his moving time was just over 19 mins!!

Ok Steve. Here are the results: (note: all photos ©2010 Gene Piccoli)

Metal Men:

1. James Piccoli 20:15

2. Steve "Saliva" Hoather, 20:45

3. Pierre Lacoste, 20:46

4. Brian Jones, 20:55

5. Patrick Russell, 20:59

6. Jean-François Houpert, 21:16

7. Brandon Sant, 21:20

8. François Beauchemin, 21:52

9. Nick Van Haeften, 22:41

10. Gordon Stovel, 23:18

11. David Cox, 24:15

12. Jarrid Adler, 26:11

Metal Women:

1. Fred Fenneteau, 23:45

2. Debra Brown, 23:53

3. Judith Hayes, 24:23

4. Vanessa Cheong, 24:39

5. Amélie Jeanneau, 25:44

6. France Bordeleau, 26:11

Here are some other shots that Gene took while things were starting/finishing…

"I look exactly the same from either side"

Before the start: crying, praying, and random guy with sunglasses

"Yeah, so I found them just sitting here. Said they were writers, living off the land."

"Cones make me laugh! They are soo funny!"

"Bring it on, Mr YoungStar!"

People with shiny heads tend to be VERY joyful! Always hungry, but very joyful!

Thanks to all of you who dragged your aerodynamic butts out to the seaway under threat of rain. It was a lot of fun and something we might do again in a variety of formats.

About Scott Toguri McFarlane

Scott Toguri McFarlane is a former Elite racer, and the founder of Toguri Training Services. For more than a decade, his approach to training has helped aspiring professional racers, provincial team members, and recreational cyclists of all ages and ability achieve their goals, including gold medals at National and Provincial Championships.

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