What we do

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Toguri Training (TT) is a power-based approach to training that is delivered through a wide range of challenging cycling scenarios.

The fact is that there are always riders who can out-perform cyclists with similar fitness. Toguri Training therefore creates progressively challenging workouts designed to improve fitness while teaching you how to best respond to the many different challenges of the sport. Our training sessions will not simply prescribe “hill reps”; they will also teach you how to handle changes of pace and when to accelerate most effectively during a climb. You’ll develop power while learning how to descend and corner both on your own and in groups. You’ll learn how to best contribute to a paceline while riding at your limit for extended periods. You’ll learn how to use different seat positions and pedaling techniques–depending on the context…In sum, Toguri Training helps you to excel while developing a rich love of the sport. It is a motivating and dynamic way to gain fitness through a more complete cycling experience…and it works for cyclists of all levels.

In 2010-2011, Toguri Training experienced significant growth, adding clients, coaches, trips to San Francisco, sponsorship of both a cycling club and racing team, and supported several charity rides… We’re committed to establishing a variety of ways for riders to train together, and to be part of a growing cycling community.

The coach explaining the drill to the 6:30AM group. In the background, Lorne Bienstock with TTS coach Robert Ralph. A few weeks later, Lorne would go on to pre-qualify for the Masters World Championships.